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Hi!Tech English Contest

One of the educational system purposes is to limelight the intellectual capacities of all the students. That is why the English Departmentfrom "Henri Coanda" College, coordinated by Professor Ramona Faur, organised the English contest for Technical Colleges, Technological and Vocational High Schools. This contest came into being with the initiative of the Head of the English Department.

The requirements for B2 level correspond to the ones established by the Educational and Reserch Ministry for the bacalaureat exam.

Many of the students come from rural areas that commute to school. They are simple students in terms of social status, but eager to study and develop their English language skills. The contest is made up of two parts: the county heat and the interregional one (Timis and Arad counties).

What is salient to mention is that, after the first edition, the results of the students were outstanding. We would like to thank all the students who participated in the contest, and at the same time to encourage them to pursue taking part in the contest from now on.

The English Department

Prof. Ramona Faur

Prof. Remina Sima

The winners of "Henri Coanda" college

Nãdrag Claudiu - Premiul III

Gancea Cristian - mentiune

Boldizsar Istvan - mentiune

Berce Adina - mentiune